Any suggestions on how to improve?

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Any suggestions on how to improve? Empty Any suggestions on how to improve?

Post by Mannimarco, the Pale on Sat Dec 05, 2015 5:11 pm

This is the suggestion ship i put in the other forum recently. with added art.
Is there any suggestions to make it more... fun?

[size=150]Solak's Epic[/size]

Any suggestions on how to improve? T7VhaM8

Brief description:
A ship design based on an visual epic discovered in the ruins of Lak. The ship design seems to have utilized some form of primitive energy manipulation dated far back before any invention related to space-flight was created.

Full description:
Reversed engineered with funding directly received from Admiral Cheng and Admiral Ymer. This living artifact of a ship was built based of the translated descriptions of an visual epic of SOLAK after some excavators (with the help of donors) uncovered the lost ruins of Lak. Later analysis from the projections shown that the enigmatic SOLAK was the title of the mightiest Aurean at the time this was recorded, probably due to showings of the feats and peak energy manipulation perfection demonstrated. Tales of his findings and legends of ascension were recorded and passed down through a golden tablet projector, until finally settling in the ruins of Lak.

Ship Stats:
Shield regen:8

lvl1 armor
lvl1 shield
lvl1 engine

We are not sure how this ship worked based on descriptions given by the visual epic, it would be very dangerous to tamper it with modern and newly discovered technology. Uses solid gold plating and salvaged polyhedric fabric as armor.

+50% energy damage
+35% max power
+3% speed
+10% power regen
+5% cooldown [size=65]*Its not cool, its as hot as the sun.*[/size]

*Special effect, Radiance(optional): For every 50 consecutive hits with the quartz-proton gun, boost power regen by 2%, the effect stacks (x15). Lasts until death, safezone or log off.*


Weapon 1: Quartz-Proton Gun
Any suggestions on how to improve? QEKthDt
"Launches a deadly barrage of protons at your foes in high speeds, disrupting opponents weapons and inflicting nasty Sunburns."
-Shares a similar DoT and upgrades as the plasma gun.
-Projectiles are the same as plasma gun, but coloured orange/yellow.
-Fires projectiles in a similar manner as the dreadnoughts plasma gun(nezarian).
-Does HALF of the original direct damage of the plasma gun but has , 33% faster firing speed and 15% longer range. Keeps the same power cost.
-Base damage reduction is 0.2% for 2 seconds (1% for 6 seconds at lvl6)[stacks to X30][refreshes timer per hit]
-DoT starts weak, then INTENSIFIES. Has the same amount of DoT damage that is dealt as plasma gun, lasts for 2 seconds at base.(8 seconds at lvl 6) [stacks to X100]

lvl1- damage +10%, projectile +1
lvl2- damage +10%, slightly increased burn damage, +2 second dot, +0.4% damage reduction.
lvl3- Damage +40%, projectile speed +20%, projectile +2, +2 second debuff damage.
lvl4- Damage +40%, range +20%, +0.4% damage reduction.
lvl5- Rate of Fire +25%, +2 second DoT, Slightly increased burn damage.
lvl6- Damage +70%, projectile +3, +2 second DoT, +2 second debuff damage.

Elite Tech:
-Add up to 8 projectiles (lvl0 1, 1 at lvl 12, Ect.) each projectile does 12.5% less damage.
-Improves direct damage by up to 75%
-Add up to 100% DoT damage
-Improve range by up to 50%
-Reduce Power Cost by up to 30%
-Increase Speed by up to 50%
-Add reduce target damage by +20%(30), lvl100= 50% damage reduction.


Weapon 2: B.O.G (Ball Of Gas)
Any suggestions on how to improve? HGw8Ysw
"Gather and unleash the power of dense stellar gas, boiling them from the inside on direct hit"
-Projectile acts like the snow cannon, with beam tracking. Slightly smaller projectile than snow cannon.
-Deals HALF the impact damage of Chrono Beam.
-Moderate power use, weapons are not fired whilst charging, has the charge up time as Chrono beam and same aim assist.
-Unspammable, has to be fully charged to fire.
-Has an AoE effect upon hit, same size as infested missle AoE but does not inflict DoT or any debuffs. Deals half the damage of the projectile and decreases as it goes outward.
-Inflicts a VERY painful DoT, 3/4th/u] the intensity of the Algea Nova DoT.[non-stacking]
-DoT decays, lasts for 2 seconds at base and cannot stack. (lasts for 6 seconds at lvl6)
-Armor piercing.

lvl1- Increased rate of fire by 25%, reduce power consumption by 10%
lvl2- increased damage by 25%
lvl3- increased damage by 30%, increased maximum range by 25%
lvl4- increased damage by 30%, reduce power consumption by 15%, +2 second DoT
lvl5- increased damage by 35%, increased rate of fire by 35%
lvl6- increased damage by 70%, increased maximum range by 25%, +2 second DoT

Elite Techs:
-Reduce power cost by 20%
-Increase direct damage by 50%
-Increase range by 15%
-Disable health regen for 10 seconds
-Disable shield regen for 10 seconds
-Health and Shield leech by up to 3%
-Increase DoT by 150%


Weapon 3: Aureus Helios Manipulator (A.H.M)
Any suggestions on how to improve? R4UuNOl
"Summons a beacon based on the companionship arc in the epic of SOLAK, refreshes friendly passersby with a radiant light and occasionally shelters them from harm!"
-Summons an unmoving prehistoric miniature 3-sided Sidius. Size is the same as an astrofalcon.(1 max summon).
-Does not do any damage with its blades.
-Has 2.5% hp and shield of the user, same resists as user. (5% hp and shield at lvl6)
-Shoots an AoE at the size of an Energy Nova from its centre, AoE heals any allied players (including the user) for a Direct heal that is x1.5 as potent as prismatic eggs.
-Startup time between spawning and firing is 4 seconds, duration between each shot is 4 seconds. (3 seconds at lvl 6)
-Radiant nova waves acts the same as Energy Nova, destroying incoming missles and other harmfull projectiles.

lvl1- Increased damage by 25%, reduce power consumption by 10%
lvl2- increased damage by 25%, increase hp and shield by 1.25%
lvl3- increased damage by 15%, reduce power consumption by 10%
lvl4- increased damage by 30%, blast radius +33%
lvl5- increased damage by 35%, increased rate of fire by 25%
lvl6- increased damage by 60%, blast radius +33%. increase hp and shield by 1.25%

Elite Techs:
-Increase Direct damage by +40%
-Reduce power cost by -35%
-Increase blast radius by 10%
-Increase pet shield and health by up to 100%


[size=50]WEAPONS CANNOT BE COPIED except the aureus helios manipulator! That would just be really unfair.[/size]

A well rounded ship that is great for support roles in long lasting battles as well as offence in short bursts.
Hmm, yes... it would be much like a paladin in this case... hmm yes...

Any suggestions on how to improve? LXwF8At

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Any suggestions on how to improve? Empty Re: Any suggestions on how to improve?

Post by Admiral Aaron on Fri Dec 11, 2015 7:27 pm

Seems pretty thorough...I like it
Admiral Aaron
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