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Post by WillAdmiralofFleet on Fri Feb 12, 2016 3:24 pm

With the reduced focus on Planet Wars, I thought I better update the guide on rankings. Unfortunately, it will become less specific, and therefore less of a guide. But I think it's better to have it for any clarification anyone might want.

Level, troon counts, time in the game, etc., are not used as promotion triggers. You can consider them all, in the light of other things as described below, but reaching level 100, spending 4 months in the clan, etc., do not automatically trigger promotions.


Admiral of the Fleet

I am your highest leader. From me you can expect honesty, effort, care and concern, and defense of right. In rare cases I alone can declare war or authorize reprisals, raids, and similar actions. All major war decisions must go through me. As this should rarely occur, it is not a major issue, but I list it in the case it does occur. In case of uncertainty, wait for me to come online, or PM me on this forum.


Admirals' first duty is to respect their rank. Being promoted to this rank means I entrust you to keep the Force’s interests foremost in your thinking. You have demonstrated exceptional adherence to our principles and methods, and have shown consistent loyalty to the clan. Use responsibly your ability to accept, reject, or kick members. You need not ask me about every one of these issues, but again, if in doubt, ask me. Can promote members if you think it proper at that moment, but do not demote. Only must report to Admiral of Fleet.


You have earned a place in BHE when you have attained this rank. You have demonstrated good behavior and loyalty the Force. Yours is the highest authority outside of being able to admit members, etc. A captain is an unquestioned commander of his ship. He is only answerable to higher officers.


Range from trial members to least active. When you have demonstrated loyalty to the Force and its principles, you can look for promotion. Probably shouldn't ask about being promoted, but that's a suggestions, not a rule. Higher officers and other lieutenants may help with missions, etc., at their discretion.

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