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Post by WillAdmiralofFleet on Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:07 pm

Hello Hawks,

Since it's been a while since I've been on the forum, I thought I should clarify and rework a few things here. I've made some new, and altered some old, posts about some of the more major things. I will repeat some of that here very briefly, and some other topics as well.

First, the alliance with NEMESIS is ongoing. See the new post about this for more details.

Much less focus on Planet Wars now. Indeed, you may pursue it or leave it alone as you will. It was fun building this clan around that, and I am very happy to have met all the members we gained doing that, and it remains part of our history. But I don't want us to feel like we must do that. I reiterate therefore, engage in PW as you will. There is no expectation of it now.

Vorsran has been open for some time now. The artifacts are good, the kills are not too difficult once you learn how, and the travel and the flux spent is horrible. I think we should definitely be there when we can, because the artifacts are great. When lots of us are on, we should spend some time there. Individually it can be done, but usually there's other players there already in PvP, and in CI you usually have to open the safe zones yourselves, which can be a burden. But in general, look to spend some time there. If enough of us are on, clan instance becomes more viable, since disconnections become less of an issue (zone resets, and then I pull out my hair, but anyway).

Speaking of Vorsran, as most of you know by now, the new ships are excellent. Blade is a cooldown, PvE monster, even in Vorsran is it excellent, despite the poor power regen. With the right weapons, good artifacts, and very good skills and tactics, Blade is a beast in PvP. Shadow is epic in PvE as well, and with the right setup and weapons is also very good for PvP. Venom, though not a Vorsran ship, is also very good, but primarily for PvP. Vindicator is a good ship. It's teleport device has a high wow-factor, but is tricky to use for anything except travel and escaping. I still like it. For those of you who use Retro, Vindicator might be a good replacement. Something to consider. I've heard rumors, but am not certain, that an Edge will come out soon (2/12/2016 is when I write this). Not sure what to expect from that, but we'll see. Probably will have LWG on it.

LWG, words many of us learn to dread. It will drop. And it is worth it. Stay at it. Also, a dark horse weapon is Nexar Blaster. If you use a corrosive setup, try NB with its corrosive burn elite tech. It's like LWG in some ways. I recommend it even though I haven't tried it (though I will!). Blade's Phase Blade is magnificent. Kills Siduses in seconds, and with a monster setup, Judicators and Regius in very short times as well. DNs are no problem with Blade. Just something to think about.

Feel free to recruit other players, and particularly high ranking or strong ones. Look for good guys obviously. I will list a few I'm after currently (I'll remove this after a time): WilhelmRyan (I want him back from Strike...ask him if you want to), Ghost (shouldn't have joined Strike...former Lurking Predators, joined Strike in the merger, wanted to stay with his Predator friends), christiannsoldier (been after him for a while). Since mattyandle is with NEMESIS, our ally, I won't pursue him again right now, though eventually I hope to get him back. Anyone else you think would be a good fit, feel free to ask them. They can be lower level, but not too low. Try not to recruit anyone that will ask for help constantly. I'm all for helping, but that can drive us all crazy, as you know.

There is tension in the galaxy about the clan Outlaws. Its leader is of dubious record, and he admits Outlaws will openly steal loot. He seems okay otherwise, but there are many in the game who do not like Outlaws. NEMESIS is one of them. If they choose to take action against Outlaws, we will be with them. Not all members of Outlaws seem to be of one mind about this loot stealing business (Dupie, and a few others whose names I don't remember immediately). Encourage those kinds of guys to leave before the going gets rough. Nevertheless, we will support our allies over any Outlaws members, if such a dilemma arises.

I think that's long enough for now. I'll add anything I think I need to as I recall it. See you all around the galaxy!

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